Often asked: How To Make A Marketing Plan Podcast?

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Build an email list or outreach list before your podcast launches.
  2. Record 3-5 podcast episodes before you launch.
  3. Pick a launch date.
  4. Create assets like images, clips, and shareable quotes.
  5. Launch day!
  6. Message your list to ask them to listen and review.
  7. Keep publishing new episodes consistently.

How do I make a podcast content plan?

When planning content development for your podcast you can follow these easy 4 steps: Choose your podcast main topic – the main theme to revolve around.

  1. Step 1: choose your podcast main topic.
  2. Step 2: work on consistency in publishing and quality.
  3. Step 3: plan for value.
  4. Step 4: execute with details.

How do you successfully market a podcast?

Podcast Promotion: 13 Marketing Tactics To Get More Podcast Listeners

  1. Ask People To Subscribe.
  2. Submit To Podcast Directories.
  3. Leverage Existing Assets.
  4. Share Reviews & Testimonials.
  5. Create A Website.
  6. Apple Smart Banner.
  7. Create An Email List.
  8. Be A Guest On Other Shows.

How do I promote my podcast 2020?

How to promote a podcast:

  1. Upload podcast on iTunes.
  2. Leverage your guests’ audience.
  3. Share your podcast on social media.
  4. Record lots of content.
  5. Create a cohesive visual brand.
  6. Leverage word-of-mouth advertising.
  7. Transcribe the audio and publish the text.
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Are podcasts effective for marketing?

Podcasts are effective tools for marketing because they help brands to reach a niche targeted audience. According to research, podcasts help to hypertarget audiences and give a good return on investment. Podcasts also create value for listeners because they are often informative and educational.

Is Spotify a podcatcher?

Exclusive podcasts: Yes Though Spotify is primarily known as a music streaming service, the platform also offers podcasts, including several exclusive titles. Spotify does have a free option, but you need a paid subscription to get ad-free streaming.

How do I market my podcast 2021?

19 Podcast Marketing Strategies for 2021

  1. Understand Your Why.
  2. Create Great Content.
  3. Take Time to Craft Your Titles and Descriptions.
  4. Launch With a Few Episodes.
  5. Start or Update Your Website.
  6. Optimize for SEO.
  7. Start an Email Newsletter.
  8. Submit to Podcast Directories.

How do I grow my podcast audience?

Connect with your listeners.

  1. Create a website for your podcast.
  2. Build an email list and send out regular newsletters.
  3. Post about every new episode on your personal handles.
  4. Use relevant hashtags.
  5. Reply to comments.
  6. Post in relevant Facebook and Reddit groups.
  7. Reach out to another show to cross-promote with them.

How do podcasts go viral?

In Summary

  1. Become an early mover in a niche.
  2. Release frequent content.
  3. Use all distribution networks.
  4. Create a separate website that captures leads and makes the podcasts available.
  5. Grow your mailing lists.
  6. Interview guests and send them links to their episodes.
  7. Send guests links to their episodes.

Can you pay to promote your podcast?

Paid ads provide a fast and effective way to promote podcasts and increase brand awareness. Unlike content marketing, which takes a ton of time, paid ads can quickly grow your audience in a matter of weeks.

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How do I drive traffic to my podcast?

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast On Social Media

  1. Social media promotion.
  2. Share episode updates.
  3. Pin your episode to your page.
  4. Create stand alone images.
  5. Tease the audience.
  6. Reshare, reshare, reshare.
  7. Use stories to your advantage.
  8. Launch day.

What’s the best day to release a podcast?

There is a rule of thumb that posting your podcasts in the mornings (usually around 5AM) can positively impact the number of listeners it reaches. There are several reasons for that. Morning posts increase the likelihood that your podcast will be put at the top of your listeners’ feeds during the day.

Why are podcasts good for advertising?

Podcast advertisements are five times as effective as web ads Most ads are live read by the host making it a more intimate and personal experience. And since they put their trust in the hosts of their favorite podcasts, they’re much more receptive to the brands and products they promote.

Why is podcast marketing important?

Podcasting allows brands to communicate to a captive audience. With lifestyle on-the-go, the power to have the podcasting on demand allows companies and brands tell their story anywhere at any time, which helps to establish authority in your industry and create advocates brand along the way.

Are podcasts effective?

Podcasts are more effective Podcasts are more effective because the listeners get influenced by what they hear. In a survey of 3,00,000 podcast listeners, 63% affirmed that they bought the product, which was promoted by the show host.

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