Question: What Is The Purpose And Value Of An Intergrated Marketing Plan?

An integrated approach to marketing communications ensures that all channels are aligned and following the same strategy, overarching business objectives and company values.

What is the purpose of an IMC plan?

An IMC plan caters to consumers by tailoring communications to them throughout the decision-making and purchase process. This builds a stronger relationship between customer and provider and coincides with a more seamless dialogue and image development within the organization.

What is the value of integrated marketing in today’s business environment?

Integrated marketing communication scores over traditional ways of marketing as it focuses on not only winning new customers but also maintaining long term healthy relationship with them. Integrated marketing communication ensures two way dialogue with customers – a must in all business.

What are 3 important aspects to the overall purpose of integrated marketing?

In addition to the three benefits mentioned above, three elements drive the success of integrated marketing campaigns: timing, consistency, media mix.

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What is the goal of integrated marketing?

The goal of integrated marketing communications is to ensure that customers receive the same message when they interact with a company’s brand in various ways.

What is an IMC plan in marketing?

The American Marketing Association defines IMC as “ a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.”

What is an integrated marketing plan?

Integrated marketing is a strategy for delivering a unified, holistic message across all of the marketing channels that your brand uses. For example, whether a customer is viewing marketing content on desktop or mobile, the experience and message should remain the same.

Why it is important to integrate the marketing plan into the business?

Treating marketing departments as separate entities limits communication and reduces operational efficiency. An integrated approach to marketing communications ensures that all channels are aligned and following the same strategy, overarching business objectives and company values.

Why should we use an integrated approach in our current communication environment?

An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy enhances the effectiveness of the branding strategy to use the right message using the medium to achieve your business goals. IMC provides the ability to achieve a consistent corporate branding that delivers significant bottom line results.

How does integration help in business?

With an integrated business, every piece of data sent between systems immediately becomes more visible to the entire enterprise. This allows an enterprise to engage in proper digital analytics and make decisions with context and awareness from all business units, leading to better revenue and cost reduction.

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What are the three types of market integration?

Types of market integration

  • Horizontal integration. This occurs when a firm or agency gains control of other firms or agencies performing similar marketing functions at the same level in the marketing sequence.
  • Vertical integration.
  • Conglomeration.

What are the features of integrated marketing?

Features of Integrated Marketing Concept:

  • Consumer orientation: ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Consumer satisfaction:
  • Integrated managerial action:
  • Realisation of organisational goals:
  • Growth of Population:
  • Changing concept of family:
  • More Disposable Income:
  • More Discretionary Income:

What are the elements of market integration?

8 Key Components of Integrated Marketing

  • Print Marketing.
  • Banner Ads.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Media.
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing.
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing.
  • Direct Mail Marketing. Last but certainly not least, direct marketing is important and still brings big results.

What is Integrated Marketing in simple words?

Integrated marketing is the process of unifying all aspects of marketing communication — such as advertising, PR, and social media — and using their respective mix of media, channels, and tactics to deliver a seamless and customer-centric experience.

What is an example of integrated marketing?

Another great example of an integrated marketing campaign is Coke’s ‘share a coke with’ campaign, which used unified messaging across TV, Social, Outdoor and Display leading to a 7% uplift in Coke consumption by the target demographic, making it one of the most successful Coke campaigns in history.

What does integrated marketing communication achieve?

Integrated marketing communications is the process of conveying a unified message across a variety of channels to drive higher customer engagement for a company’s products and solutions.

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