Quick Answer: What Is Promise In A Marketing Plan?

A brand promise is a value or experience a company’s customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company. The more a company can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand value in the mind of customers and employees.

What is a brand promise example?

Best Brand Promise List

  • Geico: “15 minutes or less can save you 15% or more on car insurance.”
  • Coors Light: “The World’s Most Refreshing Beer”
  • Coca-Cola: “To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.”
  • BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
  • Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

What is meant by the brand promise?

At a basic level, a brand promise is a declaration of assurance. It’s you, telling your customers what they can expect when they purchase your products and services. A good way to look at it is as an extension of your company positioning statement.

What is your promise to your customers?

a promise to provide a product or service in the market your unique way. This promise underpins your reputation as an employer, as a player in your market, it shows up in how you operate, how well you do financially, and most important who you are to your customers.

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How do you write a brand promise?

How do you write a brand promise?

  1. Step 1: Understand how customers see your existing brand. You need to talk to your customers.
  2. Step 2: Place your brand in the market on these four dimensions.
  3. Step 3: Define your customers.
  4. Step 4: String these together in a sentence.

What is Nike’s brand promise?

Nike – The Nike brand promise goes way beyond its famous tagline, “Just do it.” Nike’s brand promise is: “ To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” The asterisk in the brand promise says that if you have a body, you’re an athlete.

What is Coca-Cola’s brand promise?

So what exactly is the Brand Promise? Simply put: it’s the “what’s in it for the customer.” Coca-Cola defines it this way on their website: Be the brand: inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun. The Brand Promise is about behavior toward customers.

Why is brand considered a promise?

Why Is A Brand Promise Important? A brand promise tells your customer, either explicitly or implicitly, what they can expect from your product or service. It sets their expectations on the quality of your products or services.

Why is brand promise important?

Why is Brand Promise So Important? A brand promise can directly affect an organization’s bottom line positively or negatively. It can translate into lower cost of sales, because selling more products and services to loyal, emotionally connected customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones.

Who said a brand is a promise?

Muhtar Kent Quote: “A brand is a promise.

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What is promise in customer service?

Your Service Promise Must Be Your Bond While your brand promise details the company’s goals as an organization, a service promise focuses squarely on customers by outlining the type of experience they will have and how the company will deliver it every time.

How do you deliver what you promise?

8 Ways to Actually Deliver on Your Promises

  1. Don’t over-promise. The bigger the promise, the less likely you are to live up to it.
  2. Deliver well. Give it your best.
  3. Remember! When is the last time you forgot a promise that you made?
  4. Be cautious.
  5. Be communicative.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. It takes effort.
  8. Follow up.

How do companies make brand promises to their customers?

How do companies make brand promises to their customers? They meet or exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis. This will reinforce their promises to customers and build the brands.

What should a brand promise focus on?

So, while promises of the past often focused on the direct product-related benefits experienced by the customer, the most effective brand promises today also touch on the positive, and emotionally-based, personal, societal and ecological outcomes the brand experience may create.

Is a brand promise a slogan?

A brand promise goes deeper than a tagline. It’s the statement of your company’s unique value and the wonderful benefits of doing business with you. It tells your ideal client or customer why your business is the perfect choice and that you pledge to deliver what you promise.

How do you build a good customer value promise?

How to Write a Value Proposition

  1. Identify your customer’s main problem.
  2. Identify all the benefits your product offers.
  3. Describe what makes these benefits valuable.
  4. Connect this value to your buyer’s problem.
  5. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value.

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